Classroom Tips

+Lesson Planning

Here are the files that I use to create and manage my lesson plans:
Quick Lesson Plan
Elementary Lesson Plan Blank
Daily Lesson Schedule Wide
Daily Lesson Schedule Tall

+First-Year Tips

Here is a PowerPoint I present on the major tips I have for first year teachers:

This is my (ever unfinished) cumulative list of what I learned in my first year of teaching:
Click here for the complete file

+Classroom Management Resources

The most effective site for understanding a teacher’s role in classroom management. Smart Classroom Management by Michael Linsin, specifically this page.

My best resource for this is my Pinterest Board for Classroom Management.

The Art of Education’s Classroom Management Update

Discipline by Design (The Honor Level System)


I found this document from the Peace Corps very helpful for Classroom Management.
Helpful Pages: Click here to view it.

  1. Develop a classroom philosophy 27-28
  2. ESL Tips 35
  3. Classroom Rules 44-46
  4. Dale’s Cone of Learning 50
  5. Maximize Learning & Teaching Time 52
  6. Question & Answer Procedures 53-55
  7. Life Skills Ticket 56-58
  8. Model Good Learning Habits 58-59
  9. Classroom Management Planning Guide 61-65
  10. Student Led Classroom Report Card 66
  11. Preventing Misbehavior 69
  12. Motivations 70
  13. Unintended results disciplinary actions 74
  14. Consequences and/or Punishment 76-79
  15. Student Reflections on inappropriate behavior 91
  16. assessment tools & strategies 95-106
  17. time saving grading tips 102-106
  18. cheating 113-115
  19. personal eval. 119-121
  20. how to calm down 126-127