About Mr. S & his Resume

I have always found my passion to be intertwined with learning. It is too easy to be complacent when one is not met with daily challenges. I see teaching as a way to drive my ambition to learn by opening up the opportunity to teach anything and everything as it relates to art. The challenge comes in adapting the pursuits of artists into the subject of thought, curiosity, and learning. I believe the satisfaction I get from learning will reflect greatly on the students in my classroom; by involving myself in the excitement of new ideas I can then teach with the excitement that I recognized and was inspired by in my own student experience.

My choice to focus upon art education is one based greatly upon freedom. The freedom of art to entangle itself in all subject matter makes it unique. Art can be the result of the study of science, math, literature, business, psychology, and countless other subjects or those very same subjects may be explored because of the art that was created. This exceptional ability for art to expand interest and inspire learning is why many, including myself, wish to devote a lifetime to exploring it.

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