Web Design Tools

Did you ask permission from a parent or teacher to access this site or the links below? Please do!

The following is a collection of resources and online activities for students. The age range varies greatly between links so click around, explore, and enjoy! If a link is broken, my apologies, please email me here and, if possible, I will fix it.

    PHP Basics In Pictures: This tutorial helps beginners learn the basics of PHP programming.
    HTML & CSS In Pictures: This tutorial helps beginners learn the basics of creating Web sites with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets.
    Simple CSS: CSS Authoring Tool
    Google Code University: Are you looking for a basic understanding of how UIs are created on the web or who wants to brush up outdated UI development knowledge? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about the medium you’re designing for and gain basic tools for prototyping designs? Do you want a better understanding of the web and how Google makes the pages that are its face to the world? If so, “HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the Ground Up” is for you.
    Opera Web Standards Curriculum: covers the basics of web standards-based design in HTML and CSS.
    SitePoint: is a pretty good reference for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Their documentation always mentions feature support across different browsers, and describes known browser bugs.
    W3C: has a wiki-based general learning page as well as an HTML element reference.
    The MDN (Mozilla’s Developer Network): takes over at intermediate CSS and covers JavaScript better than anyone. The MDN is also a wiki (little known fact), which means we, as knowledgeable web developers, can add or change information so the pages are as effective and comprehensive as possible.