Activities & Games

Did you ask permission from a parent or teacher to access this site or the links below? Please do!

The following is a collection of resources and online activities for students. The age range varies greatly between links so click around, explore, and enjoy! If a link is broken, my apologies, please email me here and, if possible, I will fix it.

    Escape Motions: a collection of web programs that experiment with many different ways to create digital art. Flame painting, fluid painting, particle fields, interactive 3D art, and some games.
    Mr. Doob: a collection of web programs that do a multitude of cool things.
    National Gallery of Art Ngakids Art Zone: (Grades K-12) Many opportunities to create and interact with art here. From abstracts to collages, students will definitely find ways to unleash their creativity.
    Fireworks of Glass:A bunch of glass blowing activities and games to teach the process, vocabulary, and possibilities of blown glass. All activities focus on the work of Dale Chihuly These resources are offered by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
    Color with Leo: (Grades K-4) A young Leonardo da Vinci, “Leo”, guides you through interactive games and activities as you learn the principles of art and other vital educational skills.
    Interactive Art at the Chicago Institute of Art: (Grades K-3) This interactive site allows primary students to create their own mask online.
    Build Your Wild Self: (Grades 2-6) This is a fun website where students can create a digital human and add animal characteristics.
    Make-A-Flake: (Grades K-4) An easy and fun tool that allows you to create snowflake online, add it to a gallery, or download as a jpeg.
    Artisancam: Activities (Grades 4-12) Amazing site with multiple art interactives covering pop art, print making, comic creations, ceramic painting, and digital photo art projects. It’s a great site to explore.
    Color Factory
    Quick on the Draw
    Marvel: Create your own Comic
    Neave Imagination: (Grades 6-12) Neave offers cool interactive art tools that not only utilize the computer mouse, but your voice, too. With the use of a microphone, students can interact with the site just by speaking.
    Online Kaleidoscope animated Generator: (Grades 2-12) A great tool if you are teaching symmetry is found here. Simply draw on the virtual radar and see your animated kaleidoscope come to life.
    Online Kaleidoscope animated Generator 2
    Flower Maker: Construct a perfect flower using radial symmetry. You can color, size, and rotate each of the various petals.
    Matrix: Play with a pattern and discover the numerology behind it.
    Tate Kids Games: (Grades 2-12) Two great interactives are available here for student creativity. The Street Art graffiti creator allows students to paint right on the virtual wall while the Tate Paint is a virtual easel.
    This Is Sand: (Grades 4-12) This site is another one that can draw you in for several minutes. Here you can change the color of the falling sand in order to create interesting sand art.
    Ultimate Flash Face: (Grades 5-12) This is a portrait creation tool that does allow students to control the width and height of each facial feature. I’m not sure I would encourage students to save the image on the website, but it could be printed easily. Consider using this as a tool as a Language Arts tool for character analysis. Students could create a portrait of what they believe a character would look like, print it, and then write the analysis.
    Matisse For Kids: create an image in the style of French artist Henri Matisse.
    NGAkids JUNGLE: Create an imaginary landscape with NGAkids JUNGLE. Mix and match the animals, control the weather and lighting conditions, or construct flowers, trees, and plants. Inspired by the paintings of French artist Henri Rousseau
    NGAkids Still Life Creator: helps you create interactive compositions that mirror the paintings of the old masters.