Links for Students

Did you ask permission from a parent or teacher to access this site or the links below? Please do!

The following is a collection of resources and online activities for students. The age range varies greatly between links so click around, explore, and enjoy! If a link is broken, my apologies, please email me here and, if possible, I will fix it.

Disclaimer: Despite all the wonderful things this site has to offer, I must CAUTION you. Due to the social nature of the internet, on some sites people are allowed to design and share their own artwork. While the majority of what is put out there is great to see and well monitored not everything is. I ask, if you are concerned, that you review a site before giving your child permission to use it. I have screened all sites before adding them but the internet is ever changing and so I wish to make you aware.

Please, do not let this discourage you from giving your child access to the rest of the sites. There is a diverse wealth of fantastic resources.

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